Are We There Yet Movie Cast?

Similarly, Are We There Yet Dad actor?

Frank Kingston, Suzanne’s ex-husband, Kevin and Lindsey’s father, Terrence’s former brother-in-law, and Nick’s nemesis, is played by Charlie Murphy, who succeeds Sean Millington. Frank has ignored Kevin and Lindsey and is shown attempting to reconnect with the family throughout the episode, but Suzanne and Nick have lost faith in him.

Also, it is asked, Are We There Yet son actor?

Philip Daniel Bolden (born Ma.) is an actor from the United States. Bolden starred with Ice Cube and Nia Long in the 2005 film Are We There Yet? and reprised his role as Kevin in the 2007 sequel Are We Done Yet, as well as Kirby on The King of Queens (1999–2000).

Secondly, Is Are We Done Yet still on Netflix?

Ice Cube, Nia Long, and Aleisha Allen feature in Brian Levant’s “Are We There Yet?” This film, along with others starring Ice Cube, will be removed off Netflix at the end of February to make room for new material.

Also, How old is Philip Bolden?

27 years old (Ma.) Philip Age / Daniel Bolden

People also ask, Where was the movie Are We Done Yet filmed?

British Columbia, Canada’s Burnaby If you’ve watched the family comedy “Are We Done Yet?” you’ll recognize the majestic estate from the movie. The film follows newlyweds Nick (Ice Cube) and Suzanne (Nia Long) as they purchase and renovate their ideal house in the countryside for their family.

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Where is the house from Are We Done Yet?

Take a Tour of the Mansion from the 2007 Movie “Are We Done Yet?” British Columbia, Canada’s Burnaby If you’ve watched the family comedy “Are We Done Yet?” you’ll recognize the majestic estate from the movie.

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Is Ice Cube’s son in Are We There Yet?

Learn more about this subject in these articles: credits on a number of other films, including Are We There Yet? (2005) and Are We Done Yet? (2007), both of which he starred in. His son, O’Shea Jackson, Jr., portrays Ice Cube in the critically acclaimed N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton (2015).

Who plays Roland in Mystery Men?

Bolden, Philip

How old is Aleisha Allen?

31 years old (Ap.) Age: Aleisha Allen

Are We There Yet Terrence?

Terrence Kingston Jr. is an American actor. Are We There Yetprimary ?’s antagonist, Terrence Kingston Jr., is a semi-antagonist. Suzanne’s civilian paramilitary brother, Kevin and Lindsey’s uncle, Nick’s step brother-in-law, Abdul and Jabbar’s half-uncle

Are We There Yet Lindsey gets high?

Are We There Yet? Episode Summary: In this episode of Are We There Yet?, Lindsey gets high. Lindsay learns the harsh realities about how harmful drugs are when Todd Bridges, a former child star, arrives to guide her along the rocky road that her life may follow. Jerry Springer, Charlie Murphy, and Ice Cube appear as special guests on this episode.

How many Are We There Yet movies are there?

Are we almost there? 2005 Are We Nearing the End? 2007

Where can we watch Are we done yet?

Are We Done Yet?, a children’s film starring Ice Cube, Nia Long, and John C. McGinley, is currently streaming on Netflix. On HBO Max, Prime Video, Vudu Movie & TV Store, VUDU, Apple TV, or Redbox, you may watch it.

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How long is are we done yet?

1:32min Are We There Yet? / Duration

Are We There Yet theme song name?

Please send me on my way.

What shows did Philip Bolden play in?

MillennialsSince 2021 The Queen of Kings From 1998 until 2007, Jim (2001–2009) claims that

Is Philip Daniel Bolden in iZombie?

Philip Daniel Bolden (born Ma.) is an actor from the United States Year2019TitleiZombieRoleHarrisNotesS05E0513 more columns in Film and Television

What year did Are we done yet come out?

Are We Done Yet? (USA) / Release Date

Where is Dune shot?

Although the Origo Film Studios in Budapest provided more typical studio settings for Dune, a significant chunk of the film was shot on site. The harsh environment of the sand planet Arrakis was modeled in the deserts of Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

Are We There Yet shoplifters?

Are we almost there? IMDb (2005) – Casey Dubois as Shoplifter

Are We There Yet we ain’t got no Pokemon?

Every day, you come in and ask the same questions. There are no Pokemon, Digimon, Buffy, SpongeBob, or Beanie Babies here. Persons, Nick: No shoplifters, either!

How old is Ice Cube today?

Ice Cube (J.) is 52 years old.

How old is Nia Long?

51 years old (Octo.) Age Nia Long

How tall is Aleisha Allen?

4′ 11″ Height of Aleisha Allen

Are We There Yet meaning?

“Are we going to arrive at our destination soon?” it implies. Kids will sometimes question, “Are we there yet?” to bother their parents. again and over again: Are we there yet, kid?

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Is are we there yet on HBO Max?

“Are We There Yet?” is now available to view on Hoopla and HBO Max.

How much did Zendaya make Dune?

What is ice cubes real name?

Jackson, O’Shea Full name: Ice Cube

How old are Will Smith?

53 years old (Septem.) Age of Will Smith


“Are We There Yet? (tv)” is a show that airs on Nickelodeon. The show stars Max and Ruby, two siblings who are constantly trying to find their way home. This movie is based off of the TV show.

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