What Is The Best War Movies Of All Time?

Similarly, What is considered the best war movie of all time?

Top war films listed The Ways of Glory (1957) Film. The very best and No. 1 movie is Apocalypse Now (1979) Grand Illusion, a movie (1937) Full Metal Jacket, a movie (1987) Starship Troopers, the movie (1997) Army of Shadows, a movie (1969) Watch a movie (1985) Sergeant York is a 1941 movie.

Also, it is asked, What is the most brutal war movie?

Hell is war! 9 graphic war films to see before Fury The Ways of Glory (1957) 1978’s The Deer Hunter Apocalypse Now (1979) Visit Us and See (1985) Platoon (1986) Metal on metal (1987) Braveheart (1995) Protecting Private Ryan (1998).

Secondly, Is 1917 the best war movie ever?

Saving Private Ryan is often regarded as the greatest war movie of all time. However, Sam Mendes’ 1917 has a compelling argument. In our opinion, 1917 is one of the greatest war movies ever produced, and unquestionably the finest in the past twenty years. It ought to be seen at least once.

Also, Is Dunkirk a true story?

The actual tale of the movie Dunkirk is based on events that took place during World War II. A group of Allied troops were besieged by Nazi German forces in northern France during a surprise assault during a six-week-long war in May and June of 1940.

People also ask, Is Saving Private Ryan the best war movie of all time?

International voting totaled over 160,000, and a winner has been declared. Some may disagree, but according to 53% of respondents, the greatest military film ever filmed is none other than Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning World War II masterpiece Saving Private Ryan.

Related Questions and Answers

Is platoon the best war movie?

One of the finest war pictures ever produced, Platoon by Oliver Stone is perhaps the strongest film in his trilogy about the Vietnam War.

Was 1917 a good movie?

For all of those reasons, “1917” was seen. Additionally due to the fact that it has received high praise from critics and is one of the finest movies of the year 2019. After seeing it, I believe that “1917” deserves all of the praise it has received since it was one of the greatest and most moving movies of that year.

Is Hacksaw Ridge the best war movie?

Hacksaw Ridge, which Mel Gibson directed, is most likely among the top war films of recent memory, and for good reason. It offers a compelling message that will make any spectator understand just how dreadful war is, regardless of how justifiable it may appear. It also has a true tale behind it, an excellent cast to depict the characters, and

Who won the battle of Dunkirk?

Hitler hailed the fight as a huge, crushing triumph when Dunkirk eventually fell to the German forces on June 5 and the 40,000 surviving allied soldiers surrendered.

How many died at Dunkirk?

The BEF lost 68,000 soldiers over the whole war, which lasted from 10 May to the armistice with France on June 22. 3,500 people were killed and 13,053 people were injured.

What year was world 2?

Setem – Setem Second World War / Time

What was the best army in ww2?

In terms of industrial capacity, population, and military personnel, the Allies—Great Britain, France, and Poland—were superior in September 1939; nonetheless, the German Army, or Wehrmacht, was the most effective combat force due to its equipment, training, doctrine, discipline, and fighting spirit.

What was the most terrifying war in history?

II World War

What does D-Day stand for?

In other words, Day is everything that the letter D in D-Day stands for. The day of any significant invasion or military action was given this coded name.

How many ww2 veterans are still alive?

240,00 surviving

Why is Saving Private Ryan a masterpiece?

The film Saving Private Ryan is brilliant. It solidifies Steven Spielberg’s status as one of the era’s most influential directors. It depicts a valiant tale of loyalty, devotion, and bravery in the face of adversity. You are shown information about war that has never been shown in a motion film.

Is Hart’s war Based on a true story?

Author John Katzenbach based Hart’s War (2001) in part on his father Nicholas Katzenbach’s experiences as a prisoner of war in Stalag Luft III during World War II. Katzenbach eventually served as the country’s attorney general under President Lyndon Johnson after escaping from jail.

Did North or South Vietnam win?

South Vietnam was taken over by communist troops in 1975, which put an end to the conflict. The following year, South Vietnam was united as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

What is considered the best Vietnam movie?

Ranking of the Top 10 Vietnam War Films (According To MetaCritic) Apocalypse Now, No (94) Platoon 2 (92) Three The Deer Hunter (86) Bloods 4 Da 5 (82) Five Full Metal Jacket (76) 6 War Casualties (75) 7 Fourth of July births (75) Who’ll Stop The Rain, No. 8 (73)

What is considered the most realistic Vietnam War movie?

Platoon (1986) Veterans of the Vietnam War often cite this “greatest war movie” as having one of the most true representations of the conflict, in large part because of its Vietnam War veteran director, Oliver Stone.

Is Dunkirk a good movie?

It seems sense that viewers would view Dunkirk as a war movie—possibly one of the best war movies ever made. The ninth film directed by Christopher Nolan is very probably the best survival horror film ever. Ma. | 4.5/5 | Complete Review.

Why is 1917 so important?

America entered World War One in 1917 as a consequence of Germany’s unrestricted use of submarine warfare. The Third Battle of Ypres, better known as the Battle of Passchendaele, began in 1917.

Why Dunkirk is a masterpiece?

A masterpiece of subdued fear and harrowing reality is Dunkirk. It presents a straightforward tale that unifies everyone in the most fundamental of goals: surviving to fight another day. It is at times both inspiring and beautiful as well as relentless.

What should I watch after Dunkirk?

Ten more powerful war movies to see after Dunkirk are listed below. 1 Keeping Private Ryan Safe (1998) 2 1917 (2019) 3 Restitution (2007) The Imitation Game (2004) (2014) The Book Thief, No. 5 (2013) Seven Schindler’s List (1993) The Zookeeper’s Wife (book 7) (2017) Unbroken 8 (2014)

What is the longest movie in US history?

The ten lengthiest Hollywood films ever produced 1963’s “Cleopatra,” 248 minutes long. 1996’s “Hamlet” ran for 242 minutes. 221 minutes of “Gone with the Wind” from 1939. 222 minutes of “Lawrence of Arabia” from 1962. The Ten Commandments, 220 minutes, 1956 “Ben-Hur” (1959) This Irishman (2019) “The Return of the King,” from “The Lord of the Rings” (2003)


The “best war movies based on true stories” is a question that can be answered with many different answers. The most common answer would be the movie, “Saving Private Ryan.”

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