What Movies Are In Theater Right Now?

Looking for something to watch? Here’s a list of all the movies currently in theaters.

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Upcoming releases

Here are the upcoming movie releases that will be in theaters soon. Check back often to see what new movies are coming out!

Now playing

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, or any night, check out what’s playing at your local movie theater. You can search by title, genre, or release date to find the perfect film for your mood.


To find out what movies are currently in theaters, you can check out the trailers below.


There are a ton of great movies out in theaters right now! Here are some of our reviews:

“Avengers: Infinity War” – We loved this movie! The action was non-stop and the characters were fascinating. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

“Black Panther” – This was an excellent movie! The characters were well-developed and the story was inspiring. We can’t wait to see this one again.

“A Wrinkle in Time” – This movie was visually stunning and the story was unique. We didn’t absolutely love it, but we definitely recommend seeing it.

Box office

The highest-grossing films of all time have been determined. The data is updated every Monday reflecting the prior weekend’s performance. The following table lists the top 50 movies adjusted for inflation of all time according to Box Office Mojo.


Many stores are selling clothes with the Oscars logo. The Oscars are awards given to people in the movie industry. The award is shaped like a gold statuette of a knight holding a sword.

Golden Globes

There are many movies that have been nominated for Golden Globes. Here is a list of some:
-A Star Is Born
-Black Panther
-Bohemian Rhapsody
-The Favourite
-First Man
-Green Book
-If Beale Street Could Talk
-A Quiet Place
-Sorry to Bother You


The Sundance Film Festival is an American film festival that takes place annually in Park City, Utah. This year’s dates are January 24 – February 3. The festival is a showcase for new independent films of all genres, including documentaries.


The Cannes Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France, which previews new films of all genres, including documentaries, from all around the world. Founded in 1946, the invitation-only festival is held in the month of May each year at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

Film festivals

While mainstream theaters play mostly big-budget studio films, there are a number of smaller art house theaters and film festivals that show independent films. If you’re looking for something different from the typical blockbuster fare, check out some of these venues.

Film festivals are a great way to see a variety of independent and foreign films. Many festivals screen films that haven’t been picked up by distributors yet, so you may be able to see them before they’re released in theaters. There are also a number of major film festivals throughout the year, including Sundance, Cannes and Toronto.

If you’re interested in seeing independent films that are already in theaters, there are a number of art house theaters around the country. These theaters primarily show smaller budget films that may not have wide release. To find an art house theater near you, check out the website for the Art House Convergence.

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