What Movies Did Jon Favreau Produce?

Jon Favreau has produced some great films over the years. Here is a list of some of his best work.

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Jon Favreau is an American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. He has produced a number of films, including Iron Man and Elf.

Early life and education

Jonathan Kolia “Jon” Favreau (/ˈfævroʊ/; born October 19, 1966) is an American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. As an actor, he is best known for his roles in Rudy (1993), Swingers (1996),Very Bad Things (1998), and The Sopranos (1999–2000). His other notable producing credits include Elf (2003), Iron Man (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), Cowboys & Aliens (2011), The Jungle Book (2016), and The Lion King (2019).


Jon Favreau has had a long and successful career as a producer, director, and actor. He has produced many popular movies, including Elf, Iron Man, and The Lion King.

Jon Favreau as a producer

In addition to his role as director, Jon Favreau has also been a producer on many films. He has been a producer on all of his directing projects since 2009’s “Couples Retreat,” including “Iron Man 2” (2010), “Chef” (2014), and “The Jungle Book” (2016). He was also an executive producer on “Elf” (2003), “Iron Man” (2008), and “The Avengers” (2012).

Movies produced by Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau is an American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. He has produce many movies such as Zathura: A Space Adventure, Elf, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Cowboys & Aliens, and The Jungle Book.

Favreau’s production company

Jon Favreau has created many notable films throughout his career in the entertainment industry. While he is widely known for his work as an actor and director, he has also had a significant impact as a producer. His production company, Fairview Entertainment, has been behind some of the most popular movies and television shows of recent years.

Favreau’s company was founded in 1996, and its first project was the 1998 film ‘Reality Bites’. Since then, it has produced a wide range of movies and TV shows, including ‘The Break-Up’, ‘ Elf’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘The Avengers’, ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘The Lion King’. The company has also worked on several shorts and web series.

Future projects

Although best known as an actor and director, Favreau has also produced several films. Among his future projects are the live-action feature films The Jungle Book (2016), based on Rudyard Kipling’s book of the same name, and The Lion King (2019), a remake of Disney’s animated film of the same name.

Critical reception

Critical reception for Favreau’s filmography has been generally positive. Rotten Tomatoes has a 66% approval rating for his films, with the highest-rated being Elf at 97%. Favreau wrote, directed, and starred in the 1996 independent film Made, which received mixed reviews from critics but was victorious in festivals and released theatrically. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone praised Favreau’s directing and acting, writing that “Favreau juggles both duties with heady assurance. And he throws in a touching performance to prove he can really act as well as direct.” Critic Leonard Klady was also positive towards Favreau’s directing and writing, and wrote that “With deft handling by writer-director Jon Favreau, Made is engaging enough to make repeated viewings likely.”

Personal life

Jon Favreau was born on October 19, 1966 in Flushing, Queens, New York, the son of Madeleine (ne Gagnon), an elementary school teacher who died of leukemia in 1979, and Charles Favreau, a special education teacher. His mother’s ancestry is French-Canadian and he has a sister, Joanne. He attended Hebrew school and had a Bar Mitzvah. He discovered his love for entertainment while in high school. Favreau graduated from The Bronx High School of Science in 1984 and attended Queens College from 1984 to 1987, before dropping out.

Awards and nominations

Jon Favreau has been nominated for several awards, including an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and a Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay. He has also won several other awards, including the Humanitas Prize.

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