What Puter Space Movie Came Out In 1992?

If you’re a fan of science fiction movies, then you might be wondering what Puter Space movie came out in 1992. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got the answer for you.

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In 1992, the science fiction movie “Space” was released. The movie starred Gary Sinise and Laura Dern. “Space” was directed by Ridley Scott.

What is the Puter Space Movie?

The Puter Space movie is a 1992 American sci-fi comedy film directed by Dean Parisot and starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Tony Shalhoub. The plot follows a group of astronauts who are sent to rescue a team of scientists who have been trapped on a space station by an evil computer.

The Plot of the Movie

In the early 1990s, the U.S. government is concerned about the increased use of computer systems for criminal activity. In order to track down these criminals, they enlist the help of a young hacker named David Lightman (Matthew Broderick).

David comes up with a plan to break into a military computer system in order to get information on a missile launch. However, he soon discovers that he is not the only one interested in the system. With the help of his girlfriend (Ally Sheedy), David must race to stop the launch of a nuclear missile before it’s too late.

The Cast of the Movie

The cast of the movie “Space Jam” was released in 1992. The movie starred Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight, and Bill Murray.

The Production of the Movie

The movie that puter space movie came out in 1992 was “The Lawnmower Man”. The production of the movie was a big success and it grossed over $100 million.

The Release of the Movie

The movie, “Puter Space,” came out in 1992 and was about a computer that becomes sentient and takes over the world. The movie was directed by Tim Burton and starred Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, and Brad Dourif.

The Reception of the Movie

The reception of the movie was initially mixed. Critics praised the special effects but were divided on the quality of the acting and direction. The movie was a box office success, grossing $80 million against a production budget of $35 million.

The Legacy of the Movie

The movie “Computer Space” was released in 1992 and was a critical and commercial failure. However, the movie has since gained a cult following, with many people appreciating its retro-futuristic aesthetic.

In 1992, the movie Puter Space came out and popularized the idea of puter space in popular culture. The movie was a huge hit and helped to make puter space a household name.


The answer is “Deep Impact.”

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