What We Do To Survive: A Movie Review

A review of the movie, What We Do To Survive. The movie is about a group of friends who must band together to survive after a night of drinking leads to a zombie apocalypse.

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It would be easy to mistake “What We Do To Survive” for a survivalist-themed horror movie. After all, it has all the makings of one: a group of strangers are stranded in the middle of nowhere, battling the elements in an attempt to make it out alive. But “What We Do To Survive” is something else entirely. It’s a character-driven drama that uses the survivalist premise as a metaphor for the human condition.

The film follows a group of people who are stranded in the middle of a desert after their car breaks down. They’re forced to put their differences aside and work together in order to make it out alive. In the process, they learn a lot about themselves and each other.

“What We Do To Survive” is an intense, emotional and ultimately hopeful film that will stay with you long after it’s over.

What We Do To Survive

“What We Do To Survive” is a documentary that tells the stories of five women who have been affected by war and conflict. The film follows their lives as they attempt to rebuild their homes and lives.

The film is very powerful and emotionally charged. It is beautifully shot and edited, and the women’s stories are both inspiring and heartbreaking. The film does an excellent job of highlighting the strength of the human spirit, and it is definitely worth watching.

A Movie Review

“What We Do To Survive” is a heart-wrenching and thought-provoking film that follows the stories of three young girls who are forced to fend for themselves after their parents die. The girls must overcome huge obstacles, including starvation, illness, and sexual violence, in order to survive.

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Although the film is graphic and disturbing at times, it is also an important reminder of the human capacity for strength and resilience. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about survival stories, or who simply wants to be moved by a powerful film.


‘What We Do To Survive’ is a powerful new film that explores the resilience of the human spirit in the face of some of life’s most difficult challenges. The film follows the stories of three women who have faced unimaginable circumstances, yet have each found a way to persevere.

The film is told through the eyes of its three main characters, who each share their own unique story. The first is a woman who was forced to flee her home country due to conflict and violence. The second is a woman who was born into poverty and has spent her entire life fighting to survive. The third is a woman who has battled addiction and mental illness for most of her life.

Through their stories, the film highlights some of the common themes that we all face in our lives. These themes include:

-The importance of family and friends
-The strength of the human spirit
-The power of hope
-The ability to forgive
-The importance of moving forward


The movie follows the story of a group of friends who are struggling to survive in the city. The characters are all very different from each other, but they all have one thing in common: they are all fighting for their lives. The film is very intense and harrowing, and it will leave you feeling truly terrified.

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The movie starts with a bang. Literally. We see a man, his wife, and their two children sitting in their living room when a bomb suddenly goes off, blasting the family apart. The father is killed instantly, the mother is gravely wounded, and the two kids are left traumatized and covered in blood. This opening scene perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the film, which is a harrowing tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

The family is sent to live in an underground bunker with other survivors, but the conditions are cramped and people are starting to go stir-crazy. When supplies run low, the decision is made to send a team of people out into the world to find food and supplies. This is where the real story begins, as we follow the team on their journey through a hostile landscape filled with danger at every turn.

The acting in this film is superb, particularly from the two child actors who have to carry much of the emotional weight of the story. The film does a great job of building tension and keeping you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. It’s not an easy watch, but it’s definitely a powerful and memorable one.


The opening shot is a long take of the main character, Mia (Emma Stone), walking through a crowded airport. We see her from behind, and as she weaves her way through the sea of people, the camera follows her. This tracking shot is used several times throughout the film to show Mia’s journey.

The cinematography is one of the things that makes this movie great. The shots are carefully planned and executed, and they help to tell the story in a beautiful way. The use of light and color is masterful, and the visuals are stunning.

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The acting is also excellent. Emma Stone gives a moving performance as Mia, and Ryan Gosling is charming as Seb. The chemistry between the two leads is undeniable, and their scenes together are some of the best in the film.

If you’re looking for a beautiful movie with great acting and impeccable cinematography, La La Land is a must-see.


In What We Do To Survive, the music is an important part of the film. The film opens with a montage of scenes set to a song called “The Weight” by The Band. This song sets the tone for the film, which is about a group of friends struggling to make ends meet in a small town.

The music in the film is used to both underscore the action and create an emotional connection with the characters. For example, during a scene in which two of the friends are arguing, the music becomes very discordant and stressful. This amplifies the tension between the characters and makes us feel as if we are in the middle of their argument.

The use of music in What We Do To Survive is masterful and really helps to create an immersive experience for the viewer. It is clear that the filmmakers understand how important music is in setting the tone of a scene and making us feel invested in the characters’ stories.

Final Thoughts

All in all, “What We Do To Survive” is a powerful and provocative film that is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers. It is a must-see for fans of independent cinema, and those who are interested in social and political issues.

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